Westendorf is a charming village located in the Brixental valley of the Kitzbühel Alps in Tyrol, Austria. It is a popular destination for outdoor enthusiasts and nature lovers, particularly those interested in skiing and hiking. Here are some key details about Westendorf:

Location and Accessibility: Westendorf is situated approximately 15 kilometers west of Kitzbühel and about 80 kilometers east of Innsbruck, the capital of Tyrol. The village is easily accessible by road and is well-connected to major cities in the region.

Natural Beauty: Nestled amidst picturesque alpine landscapes, Westendorf offers breathtaking views of the surrounding mountains, including the Hohe Salve, which is one of the prominent peaks in the area. The village is known for its scenic beauty and tranquil atmosphere.

Skiing and Winter Sports: Westendorf is part of the extensive SkiWelt Wilder Kaiser-Brixental, one of the largest interconnected ski areas in Austria. With over 284 kilometers of ski slopes and a modern lift infrastructure, it offers excellent skiing and snowboarding opportunities for all levels of expertise. The village has a ski school and rentals available for visitors.

Summer Activities: In the summer months, Westendorf transforms into a paradise for hikers, mountain bikers, and nature enthusiasts. There are numerous trails and paths to explore, catering to different difficulty levels. The village also has a golf course, tennis courts, and various other recreational facilities.

Village Life: Westendorf has a traditional Austrian charm, with well-preserved Tyrolean architecture, cozy guesthouses, and friendly locals. The village center features a range of shops, restaurants, and cafes, where visitors can sample local cuisine and relax after a day of activities.

Events and Festivals: Westendorf hosts various events and festivals throughout the year. These include music concerts, cultural exhibitions, and traditional festivities that showcase the region's rich heritage. The Alpenrosenfest, held in June, is particularly popular, celebrating the blooming of alpine roses.

Day Trips and Nearby Attractions: Westendorf's central location makes it a great base for exploring other attractions in the region. Nearby places of interest include Kitzbühel with its medieval old town, the Swarovski Crystal Worlds in Wattens, and the scenic Krimml Waterfalls.

Overall, Westendorf offers a perfect blend of natural beauty, outdoor activities, and Alpine charm, making it an appealing destination for both winter and summer vacations.

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From Wikipedia:

Verbier is located in the municipality of Bagnes, in the Swiss canton of Valais. The village lies on a south oriented terrace at around 1,500 metres facing the Grand Combin massif. The terrace lies on the east side of the Val de Bagnes, a valley located south of Martigny.

Verbier had 2767 permanent residents in 2006. The number of residents can rise to 35,000 in the winter season. There is a noticeable population of Scandinavian and British residents.

Verbier’s ski domain ranges from 1500 m (Verbier Village) up to 3330 m (Mont Fort) from which there is a panoramic view of the Alps encompassing the Matterhorn Cervin, Dom, Dent Blanche, Dent d'Hérens, Grand Combin and Mont Blanc massif. It is part of the "Four Valleys" ("4 Vallées") ski area, which includes the ski resorts of Verbier, Nendaz, Veysonnaz, La Tzoumaz, and Thyon with a claimed total of 410 km marked runs. However, an independent expert measured that the real extent of marked runs is 164 km rather than 410 km.[4]

The ski area is divided into four sectors: Medran, Les Savoleyres, Mont Fort and Bruson. Verbier forms the western section of the 4 Valleys ski area. A 4 Valley pass allows a tour all the way from Verbier to La Tzoumaz, Nendaz, Veysonnaz, Les Masses, Thyon and back.

The Verbier section of the 4 Valleys ski area has recent lifts made by Leitner, CWA, Poma and Garaventa AG, all operated by Téléverbier SA. In Verbier alone, there are 35 lifts (within the Verbier, Savoleyeres/La Tzoumaz and Bruson sector). A standard Verbier pass gives access to this entire sector, 33 standard ski runs, two snowparks, one "Jardin de Neige" (a relatively flat area that is used for small children learning to ski), four cross-country pistes and two walking areas.

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